Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have been tagged again. This time by Sally T. THANKS! I feel so special and loved. I have to restate that I love the blog world and the friends I've made b/c of starting this blog. It may sound strange but I'd really like to arrange a meeting with all of my new blog friends. Let's all go out for Margaritas!

So here are 5 more of my female blogger friends that I think are rockin'!

Sally T: Sally's Site (Her dog Brac is the cutest and you should all head over there and read her 'Egg in My Face' post,)

Bekah: Bek's Lab (she doesn't post as often as she should but she has some great insights on current events)

Dangyr: Dangyrous Discourse (daily thoughts, very cool)

Subservient No More: Wide Lawns (this used to be a site structured around SNM's crazy job, but she couldn't take it anymore and now it is a site dedicated to memories. SNM is a beautiful writer)

Jessica and Heather: Go Fug Yourself (a more mainstream website I know, but these chicks never fail to crack me up)

Now if you'd like you can create your own post with your 5 favorite Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Please don't feel obligated to include me, but since I totally rule, you're more than welcome to! :)

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A Margarita said...

Yes! Let's all go out for margaritas! How fun would that be.

Yes, exactly, when people don't respond in a timely fashion, I don't feel the love!

Balou said...

You see? You're a rock star!

We could do virtual happy hour, lol!

Dayngr said...

I think you rock!

Sally T said...

Yes, wouldn't it be nice to have a mini 'blog convention' somewhere. The trouble is we are all so spread out. Still, at least when we do get to visit each-others locations we have someone to look-up. So lets raise our Margaritas and toast to 'future meetings'. :-)