Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer O' Torture

This is inhumane. It's only 9 am and I can't make it much longer. I was in my office for 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES and my whole body was covered in sweat.. My upper lip could be a swimming pool. I know this is completely gross but I have to vent.

WHY would they do this in the dead of summer? I mean, ok it's not July or August which are way too hot but it's still 9am and 80 degrees. I don't think the weather has changed since yesterday at 8pm when the sun went down. Literally I walked out of fiance's apartment last night at 11pm and it had to have been 80 degrees if not more. So, WHY didn't they replace the damn chiller in the Spring when we don't need it? or God forbid...the winter? I swear this place churns out stupidity.

And of course, my car. My very old Honda Accord with great mileage. (seriously 13 years old and not even 100 thousand miles yet) Great mileage is one thing but Honda's AC goes out insanely quick. I got my car 3 or 4 years ago and the AC didn't work, and hadn't for a while. But I'm a tough chick. I thought I could handle it. Yeah, turns out not so much. So we started getting the freon charged every summer. You know when it got too hot to just roll around town with your windows down. We'd get the freon charged and BAM! we were good for about 2 months, until it went out again.

One catch...I've never actually paid for this service. So I called my mechanic this morning for an estimate and was figuring it would be $75. Steep but do-able. But of course, b/c this is the summer o' torture, it will run me $100-$120. This infuriates me. I am unwilling to pay that amount of money for something that only lasts 2 months. But it will ultimately come down to fiance b/c he drives the car most often. So I guess later today I'll be shelling out $120 (b/c I never get lucky and get the cheaper end of the estimate)

I guess what's really annoying me is:

a) the insane heat
b) the sweat
c) it's payday, I'm getting married in 3 months (sorry, less than) and there are things I have to start getting. Like tux rentals. and saving for my bridesmaid's to get their nails done, on me. I'm ok that it's payday and I have to pay bills. I'm used to that, it's these extra pieces of SHENANIGANS that drive me bonkers.

Sorry, but the heat makes me whiney. I promise more upbeat posts next week, when it's cooler. Also next week I get my first massage! I'm hoping she can massage the whiney right out of me!



A Margarita said...

Ah! I miss my heat. Actually, it's pretty hot here too; you probably have it worse. That stinks. If it's hot, we shouldn't have to work. We should be laying next to a pool with a frosty beverage in our hands and a good book. And a sexy pool boy for our viewing pleasure ;) Kidding. Ok, only half kidding.

Stemless wine glasses are so cool, I'm jealous. I want some now.

cr99ist03in said...

LMAO "churns out stupidity"

Dayngr said...

It's hot so it is ok to whine. I'm in FL and I feel your pain. I'd rather be in NC.

Congrats on your upcoming hitched-ness.

Some Catchy Chic said...

Hey lady!

I know exactly what you mean. The first week I was living in this house, I had no AC. I dripped sweat and looked like a cave woman everyday. I had to go but one of those window ones, but I am now in heaven. Good luck!

Balou said...

I feel you, girl! At 5pm yesterday it was 92 degrees... and humid! ICK! Oh and I did the no A/C thing in an old POS car I had about 8 years ago. Not cute!

I like Margarita's idea, though!