Monday, June 4, 2007

Let's talk honestly...

This game rocks my socks!

I literally played this game for 6 hours yesterday. Who knew golf could be so much fun? I'm thinking real golf sucks but Wii golf? Wii golf rocks!

So I put a lot of time and energy into creating my own golfer. She's got some sweet hot pink plaid shorts and she used to wear chucks but then she got sponsored so now she has dorky Nike's.

So basically you just golf. You hold your controller like a golf club and swing. It's that easy. You have a calendar of events and if you wear your sponsor's clothing items or use their clubs then they give you endorsement money. (I've made a lot of money)

But you can also do the 'Tiger Challenge' where you are paired up with someone and you have to beat them at 9-hole or one ball (you have to hit the ball over a yellow line or you're in 'betrayal', I have no idea what betrayal is but I do know it makes you lose a turn) or you have to hit the ball through colored rings to earn a certain number of points to advance to the next level.

Right now I'm stuck in a game of one-ball with Hammish McGregor who is seriously the scariest looking, Scottish video game character ever. (I wish I had a picture of this guy) And he's kicking my ass. It's painful. Honestly, I have tried to beat him 3 times already and finally had to give up.

Anyways, the Wii is the best buy ever. It's a workout and it's entertaining. I am not an athletic person but I could play this game all day and not get bored...or tired.

Find someone with a Wii and play this game. You will not be disappointed!


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A Margarita said...

Ah, sounds fun! I need to find someone with a Wii.