Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This Week in the Universe...

I've actually been following a news story this week. Yes, a news story and not a drunken celebritard story. This story caught my attention while watching Good Morning America. This is the story I've been following:

Newborn found after pregnant woman vanishes it...I'll wait.

Isn't that the most ridiculously sad thing you've ever heard? Let me recap for all you lazy people who weren't intrigued by the headline.

  • A woman who is 2 weeks away from giving birth disappears.
  • She apparently didn't run away as she left her (count them) keys, wallet, car, and child behind at her apartment.
  • A bedspread is missing from her home which wouldn't have been noticed had her 2 year old not said "mommy's in the rug"
  • There is a pool of bleach on the floor of her home (I've watched enough CSI's to know that someone was trying to get rid of blood)
  • In the first article I read about this they wouldn't disclose the nature of the woman's relationship with a police officer who is the father of both her children. Not only that but he also has a wife and legitimate child as well.
  • A newborn baby (we're talking cord still attached) was found on a couple's doorstep yesterday, about 40 miles from where the woman disappeared.

I am so livid right now I can't see straight. It is obvious that there has been foul play here. No one who is 9 months pregnant would leave their other child alone in a house that is ransacked and has pools of bleach in places. At least I hope people aren't like that. Although it is true that I live in a dream world complete with rose colored glasses.

I just can't stand this. If this newborn doesn't turn out to be hers, then this will be a truly sad story. Because that then opens up the door again on both mother and baby being dead. Just like poor Laci Peterson.

WHY are there such sickos in this world? I wish so badly that the world wasn't like this.

I'll be praying for this family. I hope everyone else who knows about this will do the same.



ADW said...

Mim - thanks for stopping by and or your comment about those C&*ksucking Sears people. I am also planning a post on this situation because it is in the area I live in and I am devestated for this woman's family. Thank you for caring.

Balou said...

Omg, I just saw this on the Today show yesterday (I hadn't been following the news). How awful!