Monday, June 18, 2007

My Weekend

Recently fiance and I got an envelope full of coupons in the mail. We get these from time to time and it is always a pleasure to peruse the envelope for those great coupons. (like the $5 pitcher of margarita's, mmm yummy) In this last envelope we got a coupon for a free game of Putt Putt.

Fiance had to work Friday night and in the midst of watching the very last Bob Barker hosted episode of The Price is Right that was conveniently replayed at 8pm and snoozing b/c I had a long week, I received a text from my friends Perry and Cullen. It's funny how I'll get a coupon and then have an opportunity to use it sooner than later b/c my friends wanted to go play Putt Putt! Yay Putt Putt!

So I drag my happy ass off the couch, put on some warmer clothes (I was dressed for 80's and it was in the low 70's) and waited for my friends to pick me up.

When we get to Putt Putt some other friends are there to meet us and we end up having 7 people in our Putt Putt Party. (sheesh) I decide to go've got to size up your competition, you know? The thing that I've always noticed about Putt Putt is that you basically know from the first hole how your game is going to end up. If you exceed five shots, you're irritated and take it out on the course instead of focusing. So everyone is putting and they're all pretty much getting the ball in the hole in 3 putts. I step up and get it in 2! I proceed to do this up until the 4th hole where I then proceed to get 3 hole-in-ones, in a row. My final score was a 39 (which is about 2 putts a hole) and the closest person behind me was a 48.

The point of this story is not to brag about my ridiculous Putt Putting skills, b/c I'm typically terrible at the game, but rather to once again praise the wondrous Nintendo Wii and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007. Every time I'd make a hole-in-one my friends would all yell "We need to get a Wii!"


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